Webhooks are a way to receive events from Algoreg. You can use them to build integrations with our services, or to build your own custom workflows.

Configure webhooks

You can configure webhooks for your account in the developers settings at https://backoffice.algoreg.com/settings/developers .

Under the section Webhooks settings you can define the following:

Webhook callback URLThe URL where we will send the events to.
Authorization TokenAn Authorization header you want us to send with the webhook call

You can then opt-in to the events you want to receive.

Events format

All the events will have the following format:

  "data": ...

List of events

Event codeProduct Description
customer_event_updatedAll A customer was modified
customer_document_updatedAll A customer document has been updated.
edds_updatedGo!Risk A customer EDD decision has been updated.
alerts_updatedGo!Scan An alert decision has been updated.
session_status_updatedGo!Vid A session state changed.
session_decision_updatedGo!Vid A session decision has been updated.

List of event sources

Event code Description
system The event followed a system job.
api The event followed a call to the public api.
web The event followed an action in the backoffice web app.

You can find more information about each event here:

Go!Vid Webhooks

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Go!Scan Webhooks