Process overview

Go!Chat is a KYC/KYT oriented communication channel between you and your customers. If Go!Chat works with emails (IMAP/SMTP) it can also be embedded in your application using a simple iframe or redirection.

There is an overview of a basic integration workflow with Go!Chat.


To use Go!Chat, first check that you have access to this product on the Algoreg backoffice, you can verify this in the billing page.

About the token generation and options

Emails and customer ids

You can generate a end user token using several method:

  1. Using one or several emails: In this case all threads and emails for this email will be displayed. Think of it like an email client for this specific email.

  2. Using a customer external id: In this case we’ll display all the thread related to this customer. If multiple customers share the same email, they will not see threads from other customers.

  3. Both: in this case we will restrict first to the customer, then to the emails.

Other options

  • From: can be used to specify exactly who sent the message. Every emails of the customer or if defined of the emails field will receive an acknowledgement email.
  • Tags: tags the user can use to select a category when creating a thread. Use the "" (empty string) tag to allow the user to create a thread without category.


After generating the session you will get a token string that you can use as described bellow either in an iframe or redirection.

Use a redirection

Simply redirect the user to the following url:{token}
# Or https://chat.{instance}{token} if you're using a custom instance

Use an iframe

The integration is using the same url than the redirection.

<iframe src="{token}" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups allow-popups-to-escape-sandbox" />

Session customization and accessibility

you can specify some parameters directly into the url.


auto,light or dark. Set the theme brightness. Use “auto” for automatic theme detection, “light” for a light theme, or “dark” for a dark theme.


0 or 1. Enable the display of a block with your Algoreg Logo