How to change the style of the session

Go to the scenarios page and select the scenario you want to customize. Open the “Integration” tab and scroll to “Style”.

We use tailwind css to style the session. You can find the documentation here.

Here some example themes:

body {
  --color-400: #fb7185;
  --color-500: #f43f5e;
  --color-600: #e11d48;
  --color-700: #be123c;
  --color-800: #9f1239;
  --color-900: #881337;

  --border-radius-sm: 50px;
  --border-radius-md: 50px;
  --border-radius-lg: 50px;
  --border-radius-xl: 50px;

body {
  font-family: "Arial";