Algoreg provides a very innovative and fully customizable onboarding solution of customers. Algoreg enables companies like Payment Service Providers, banks, cryptocurrency and e-commerce platforms, gambling operators and many more to build a full KYC program in a compliant, easy and fast manner.

Algoreg is composed of 3 products that can be used together or separately:

  • Go!Vid for ID verification and video onboarding of customers
  • Go!Scan to screen on a daily basis the customers database against watchlists (sanction lists, person of interest, …)
  • Go!Risk to provide a fully customizable risk scoring based on relevant criteria for each of our clients
  • Go!Chat let you contact your customers via live chat or email in a ticket based system

Our products are designed to be easily integrated in existing process and solutions. We provide an exhaustive Rest API to control our products and our onboarding solutions are fully web based to facilitate integration in existing native or web based applications.

Although the easiest and fastest deployment is done by using the Algoreg infrastructure in SaaS mode, the 3 products can also be installed on premise servers.


Here is a high level description of our 3 products Go!Vid, Go!Scan and Go!Risk.


Go!Vid is a fully automated video onboarding using voice recognition, voice synthesis, IP localization and video recording. It is based on a customizable scenario to enable the user experience to be as frictionless as possible. It also allows our clients to provide to the regulated institutions all the necessary checks that need to be applied to assess the quality and integrity of their own customers.

Before launching the onboarding session, our client’s customer needs to provide some preliminary information (first name, last name, birth date, email and phone number) for further verification during the session. Any scenario then contains a list of questions (depending on the client’s requirements) of the following kind:

  • Identity verification: an identity document needs to be scanned and will be analyzed via authenticity controls and will return a score
  • Face match: if available, the identity document face will be compared to the video onboarding face and scored. Additional controls are done to detect abnormal face emotions or person of interest (PEP, SIP, …).
  • Data verification and information request: the answer will be compared to known information or to pre-defined list of accepted answers.
  • Document upload: a document (proof of address for example) needs to be uploaded from our client’s customer device or a picture of the document needs to be taken using the camera.
  • Antibot verification: our client’s customer needs to read numbers that appear on the screen, to make sure he/she is not a robot.

At the end of each onboarding session, a final score is defined using the question results and customizable coefficients.

The onboarding sessions are currently available in 16 languages but can easily be translated to any other languages upon request.

The onboarding sessions are generated by Rest API, the session frame itself can then be integrated anywhere. At the end of the session, the user is redirected to a customizable link to be defined by our client. Session ID is attached to the redirection link and can be used to get detailed information about the session.

The Go!Vid frame is fully web based and responsive. It can be attached to a mobile app or a desktop website for instance. Only camera and audio accesses need to be enabled. Texts and colors can be customized to match your brand and onboarding process.

➡️ To get started with our Go!Vid product, jump to Getting started with Go!Vid or to our API documentation


Go!Scan uses sanction lists to perform scanning of a given list of customers on a defined schedule (daily by default). We can integrate your own sanction lists or a specific sanction lists provider or use our default sanction lists coming from our partner Dow Jones. Our solution is fully compatible with any sanction lists provider once converted to our list format. Go!Scan contains filter capabilities allowing you to ignore a subset of sanctions depending on your needs. Go!Scan also allows you to configure what should trigger an alert.

The scanning process uses fuzzy logic to detect matches based on phonetic word comparison and works with many alphabets.

Each detected alert from Go!Scan is exported on our back office in a dedicated product section called “Alerts” and can then be reviewed.

➡️ To get started with our Go!Scan product, jump to Getting started with Go!Scan or to our API documentation


Go!Risk uses your own defined scoring algorithm to score your customers on a defined schedule and allow you to act in consequence. Risk scoring can be generated using any customer information, based on relevant criteria for you. Depending on the risk scoring, you can then take the decision to accept, reject, or put on hold the customer, pending further investigations.


To get started with our Go!Risk product, read this API documentation.


At Algoreg everything revolves around individuals or companies we call “customers”. We provide several additional features around customers that work for every products.


At Algoreg you can define the relation between your customers and use it for risk scoring and your customer base exploration. A relation is a specific entity that links two customers and define the kind of relation.

Custom fields

If you have custom information in your business that needs to be attached to a customer or to a relation, you can define them and use them in our products.

Documents management

During the onboarding of your customers or anytime during the relation they have with your business you may want to store the list of documents related to your customer. This is integrated in the Algoreg solution to help agents in their decisions.

API Reference

API Reference

Jump to our API Reference to learn more about our products and how to integrate them in your own solution.