Transactions fields

By default, any transaction submitted to Go!KYT supports the following information:


Field nameTypeRequiredDescription
external_idstringYesYour unique identifier of the transaction
datestringYesDate of the transaction in ISO format (2023-07-05T08:18:05.661Z)
fromParticipantYesSender of the transaction
toParticipantYesReceiver of the transaction
amountstringYesAmount of the transaction converted to string, ex. "0.01233110"
currencystringYesCurrency of the transaction, ex. "BTC" or "EUR"
cryptoCryptoNo(Crypto only) Specify additional information about a crypto transaction
commentstringNoComment for this transaction
fieldsobjectNoCustom fields for this transaction, key-value object, see ‘custom fields’ section
review_groupsstringNoReview groups for this transaction separated by ;, ex. A;B, see [/docs/common/review-groups](review groups)

Internally we will store a converted_amount field, which is the amount converted to EUR at the time of the transaction.


Field nameTypeRequiredDescription
external_idstringYesExternal identifier of the participant, it can match or not a customer already existing in Algoreg
full_namestringYesFull name of the participant, ignored if external_id matches a known customer
account_typestringYes“F” or “N”, Firm (F), Individual (N), ignored if external_id matches a known customer
domicile_codestringNoCountry in ISO3 format, ex. FRA, ignored if external_id matches a known customer
deviceDeviceNoDevice used for the transaction, IP, browser, location etc
payment_institutionPaymentInstitutionNoPayment institution (bank, VASP, etc) of the participant, see below
payment_methodPaymentMethodNoPayment method of the participant, see below

More information can be added to a participant by using our general Customers api, any fields

Custom fields

You can define custom fields for transactions in the “Custom fields” page of the backoffice. They will be available when building rules and in the transaction details page.

Custom fields

Learn more about custom fields