When going to the “Explore” section of Go!KYT, you will be able to create queries to explore your transactions graph in a visual way. When the initial graph is generated, you will be able to navigate it by clicking nodes to show related transactions and nodes.


To build aquery, you must first select a query type which match a specific pattern, if you don’t find a pattern you would like to use, please contact us. When a pattern is selected, you will be able to customize some parameters to match your needs in the form of key-value map. enc_U2FsdGVkX1+mjMIQw70no9YczZug8J6dNiROqUwBJoW/KFQIO5Sd2NzcmrEwnuIMQ0v/4TRcLGOuHWfYMPPfLMuZllBvL/qSU6dxalfmvbL+Kg9D3YFX5Vn+/iSfapc1X1ZOpyav8jwaRYu6AoCQWyeJO2OzRXz2/YxgIYImBpI=_enc

Exemple of available patterns:

transactionsSearch for transactions using any of its fields, customize transactions_filter
participantsSearch for participants using any of its fields, customize participants_filter
hub-and-spokeSearch for all transactions that have a hub and spoke pattern, you can customize spokes_number, minimum_volume, hubs_filter, spokes_filter
triangleSearch for all transactions that have a triangle pattern, customize participants_filter, minimum_volume
bounceSearch for all transactions that have a bounce pattern, customize participants_filter, minimum_volume
cascadeSearch for all transactions that have a cascade pattern, customize participants_filter, minimum_volume, minimum_intermediates


At any time you can save the query currently in use for later. It will be available in the Saved queries section of the sidebar.