Saved queries

Saved queries are available in the Saved queries section of the sidebar.

Each saved query have the following fields in addition to the query itself:

nameThe name of the saved query.
evaluation_frequencyIf not null, determine the frequency at wich we will test this query automatically to generate alerts, it can be daily, weekly, monthly


When a saved query is evaluated and at least one result is returned, a new alert is generated for this query and the results are saved. When reviewing an alert, you can decide to view the result at the time of the alert or the current result for the same query.

Alerts have the following fields:

nameThe name of the saved query that triggered the alert.
statusThe status of the alert, can be new, pending, true positive, false positive.
transactions_countThe number of transactions involved in the alert.
participants_countThe number of participants involved in the alert.
total_volumeThe total volume in EUR involved in the alert.

You can use the assignations and usual auditable EDD system found in other Algoreg products to comment and update the status of the alert over time.