When a transaction is received, we reply instantaneously with a score and a status (allowed, blocked, or delayed). The score is computed based on the rules you defined in the previous step, the status is computed based on the score and the thresholds you defined in the Go!KYT configuration page.

StatusExample score rangeDescription
allowed0 - 50The transaction is allowed to pass
delayed50 - 90The transaction is delayed and requires human verification
blocked90 - 100The transaction is blocked

Not all rules can automatically decide if a transaction should be accepted or rejected. In these cases, the transaction is delayed and available in the backoffice for review.

Go!KYT Rules system

Make sure you read how to create rules in the system

Review a transaction

Reviewing a transaction is easy, after carefully reviewing the transaction details, the participants involved and the rules that leaded to the delay, you can decide to accept or reject the transaction. If you need further information, you can contact the customer using Go!Chat for instance.

Every decisions must be justified, so you must provide a reason for your decision. All decisions are stored and cannot be changed or deleted for audit reasons like all of our other products.

Assign a transaction

The assignation system works for assignations so you can escalate a transaction to another agent or to a manager, this works in realtime.

Resume a transaction after reviewing it

When the status of a transaction changes, an event is sent through webhooks to your systems so you can process it or definitively block it.